Pilates is a gentle exercise method used to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. It is suitable for all ages, and for those recovering from illness or injury. It is ideal for those who want to build their core muscles in order to function on a day-to-day basis, reduce the risk of back pain, maintain general wellbeing, and those who want to increase their athletic potential.

We have a range of services

10 Classes for £150
Taster Session for £18
Private 1-on-1 for £60
Private 1-on-2 for £40pp
Private 1-on-3 for £28pp
Equipment Course of 4 sessions for £70
Matwork Course of 10 sessions for £150
Coffee mornings £60 unlimited Tues/Thurs classes

Pilates class times
Mixed Class19:00
Coffee Morning Class (on hold until further notice)09:3009:30


Massage therapy has proven results in helping you to return to fitness/maintain your fitness.


We use acupuncture to aid in pain relief and improve your energy levels.


We use the concept of movement and balance to maximise the functional potential of your body.

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